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Mission, Vision, Values


People applying for disability benefits, whether through SSA or a private insurer, deserve a straight-forward, and understandable process that honors their work record and treats them with dignity. These people are not asking for a handout—it is a benefit for which they invested in the past with each and every paycheck against the possibility they may be unable to work in the future. Unfortunately, the process is anything but straight-forward or dignified. 

Soucie Eyberg Law LLC guides people through a complex and invasive application process that is designed for them to give up before they get benefits to which they are entitled. Legal services are delivered transparently and authentically, forming a personal connection with each individual client and ensuring the client has a thorough understanding at each step of the process.


The vision of Soucie Eyberg Law LLC is to improve the Social Security Disability process for all claimants we serve. We aim to assist our clients competently, compassionately and professionally from the beginning to the end of the application process.We will ease the burden and worry of obtaining disability benefits, demystifying the process for claimants and supporting their goals. 

Soucie Eyberg Law Values

Humanize and empower the client
Demystify the process
Personal connection
Straight dealing—transparent
Service-oriented and Compassionate
Diversity Anti-racism, Anti-bigotry
Access to Justice
Professional excellence and improvement
Quality work