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Social Security Disability

If you are ill or injured and have lost your job or have been unable to find a job that can accommodate your limitations, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The best way to determine whether you qualify is to schedule a consultation with Soucie Eyberg Law today. Free consultation 

Anyone can apply for Social Security Disability benefits online or over the phone. But to ensure you are making the strongest application possible, you should seek the assistance of an attorney.

The first step to any disability case is to figure out whether you qualify for benefits.

1.  Have you stopped working or are you out of work?

2.  Have you gone at least one year, or do you expect to go at least a year without working?

3.  Did you stop working due to illness/injury/mental impairment?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” you likely qualify for benefits. Call Soucie Eyberg Law to set up a consultation today.

Still not sure if your matter fits what we do? Contact us anyway. If we cannot help you, we will put you in the hands of a qualified practitioner who can!

“The Social Security Disability application and appeals system is set up for people to fail. It is complex. It requires very specific and not easily accessible information. It is long. And more often than not, claims are denied at the initial and reconsideration levels. Many claimants give up before they even have a chance to win. That’s where we can help.”

– Sarah Soucie Eyberg, Soucie Eyberg Law, LLC